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If you have ever suffered from back pain, chances are you may have used foot insoles to promote healthy foot function and improve overall body alignment. However, according to recent research, over-the-counter foot insoles that are sold to alleviate pain resulting from medical conditions and/or physical injuries are largely ineffective. This is exactly where foot orthotics can help you, and at Serenity Wellness Centre we can have them customized for your foot:

What We Offer?

Since the condition of your feet can directly affect the rest of your body, even the smallest of abnormalities in foot function can have a negative impact on joints in your body, especially your spine and hips. This can lead to imbalance in the rest of your body, causing pain and discomfort that can disrupt everyday life.

At Serenity Wellness Centre, we can craft foot orthotics for your exact needs using the latest technology. Upon your visit to our centre, a team of qualified and trained foot specialists will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your feet. Once done, they will take measurements of your feet, as you walk, in order to determine the corrections needed.

Then, our foot specialists will work with you closely to customize an orthotic that fits precisely around your foot. Whether you have a problematic posture, abnormal leg length or any other affliction, our expert orthotic team can provide you just the solution you need to live a comfortable and pain-free life.

While abnormal leg length is one of the most common issues that are addressed through foot orthotics, it can also be used to help in the treatment of many other conditions, some of which include the following:

  • Alleviating pain
  • Healing physical injuries
  • Correcting body movements
  • Improving overall body alignment – and more!

Whether you are looking for comprehensive treatment or simply need relief with foot orthotics, Serenity Wellness Centre is the right place to be! With years of experience and the latest technologies at our disposal, we can craft the right tool for your foot so you can get the relief you want to move ahead and excel in life!



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