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Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

If you have been injured due to an accident and are looking to seek the compensation you rightfully deserve, having a personal injury lawyer by your side that understands the ins and outs of the legal system and knows how to get results can prove useful.  At Serenity Wellness, we take pride in providing you with legal aid for your personal injury claims so that you can gain compensation for the impact the injury has had on your personal and professional life.

If you got into any kind of the automotive accident, you can apply for:

  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Paramedical Services
  • Psychological
  • Neurological
  • Chronic Pain
  • MRI
  • X-Ray
  • Income Replacement
  • TORT (common law jurisdictions, is a civil wrong that unfairly causes someone else to suffer loss or harm resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act, called a tortfeasor)

You will only be responsible for your attendance for the therapy. We will do all the paperwork for you and $0 will be paid from your own pocket.


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