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No part of you can be separated from the whole. There is no such thing as an organ functioning in isolation inside of your body, and while the ramifications so that fact are all-encompassing, they are particularly meaningful when it comes to our brain, the organ with which we think. Psychological maladies, as anyone who has suffered from them knows, cannot simply be wished or willed away. They are there, as real as gravity and with effects that to the patient often seem just as powerful.

Our team at Serenity Wellness Centre approaches psychological issues with the utmost appreciation for the suffering that they cause. The head of our psychotherapy program has accrued many years of experience in his field and a long list of people who have come to him broken and walked out of here looking ahead to a different life. Our leader is a powerful healer with an intimate understanding of what it is that causes the majority of our psychological issues, and he is passionate about implementing his understanding for the betterment of our patients’ lives.


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